Seven Reasons to Book a Virtual Father Christmas Call for your Child this Christmas

Christmas is a magical time for all, especially the children! The wonderous anticipation weeks before and the colourful Christmas decorations and twinkling lights everywhere. Christmas songs playing on the radio and in the shops, the thought of presents all tucked under the tree Christmas morning, waiting to be ripped open, and of course, all the delicious Christmas food. Yes, as a nation, we are truly all about Christmas.

One of the most exciting and fun things for a child currently, is the ever-thrilling visit to see Santa Claus. The long wait in the queue amongst other children, finally being escorted into Santa’s grotto by one of his jolly elves, and then, the big event. Seeing Father Christmas in his beautiful red suit, with his shiny buttons and long, white, fluffy beard. His booming voice as he gives a ‘Ho! Ho! Ho! As your child scoots on to his lap to tell him how well behaved they’ve been this year and to shyly put their Christmas list in his hand. The joy as they receive a small and mysterious parcel in return, not to be opened until Christmas morning though!

Because of the pandemic this year, it is sadly unlikely that we will be able to allow our children that awe-inspiring experience. However, we have worked closely behind the scenes and are proud to say we have found a fantastic alternative! A virtual meeting with Father Christmas on Zoom! Read on to see why you should book one for your child now!

Keeping Traditions

We don’t know about you but going to visit Santa in the weeks leading up to Christmas was definitely a tradition for us! We would wrap up warm and impatiently wait in line outside the shopping centre, listening to carols being sung and watching the elves get up to all sorts! A virtual meeting with Santa may not be quite the same as that, but it’s still keeping in with tradition.

Adds to Excitement

The knowledge that we were going to see Santa was so exciting, it was second only to the excitement of Christmas Eve. Having that experience to look forward to just breaks up the wait until Christmas Day!

It’s a Kind of Magic

We are all a bit down in the dumps right now with all that has gone on this year. This will bring a little magic to an otherwise bleak time for you and your children.

Safe Way to Visit Santa

A government guideline approved way of having your own chat with Santa Claus in the comfort of your own home. No masks, no need to social distance, no safer way!

Different Options

If you don’t think a Zoom call with Santa is suitable for your child, that’s fine too! We have other options, from Elf on the Shelf, to pre-recorded videos of Santa and the whole Christmas gang!

No Queuing

In our honest opinion, this is one of the best reasons we can give you! Imagine, no queuing in the freezing cold, or that wet drizzly rain we get around this time of year. No standing around for hours surrounded by over excited kids and stressed out parents. Bliss, maybe?

Fun Activity for your Child

One of our main packages includes a personal delivery from an elf with a surprise activity treat for your child! All social distancing guidelines observed of course!

Do you like our alternate solution to visiting Father Christmas this year? If so, be sure to  now and get your booking in before slots run out!

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